Gone are the days of getting a coupon for a snazzy sitting fee, walking into a building dressed for a Sunday social and putting on that good ole fashioned >awkward< smile and >awkward< pose to match! GOOD RIDDENS! Let's plan this out a litttle if you will. What is your passion? What represents you and your family? Or for fun what would you LIKE to represent? I want to take your passion, and create a single styled piece to showcase that...EVERYTHING that you are!

A little about me...

My name is Amber Griffin, born and raised in Minnesota but if it wernt for the wonderful creation of GPS I would still get lost going down the street. This may be why I have always been one to capture memories and store them though the lens. Not a proffessionally trianed photog but have my handy A.A.S in Visual Communications (Graphic Design in lamens) and think this has been a huge blessing in disguise for me.

In persuing my passion which has always been photography I have learned that these two worlds (graphic art and photography) work beautifully together! I just wish I would have thought of bringing them together many years ago. I am the mother to three growing boys and manage a floral dept as it stands right now. Photography is a love and passion but it is very costly to persue knowing I must take care of the things just mentioned.

In order for me to invest my time in you and I will! You have to know that this investment is one worthy of your time, my time and will be timeless! The process will be of color, theory, theme and feeling. We will schedule a time that works for us both and find a good location. I do all editing myself and we will discuss post processing and prints when the session is complete. I like to condider this a "shoot for the walls" session and would really hope that this will inspire you to get an image to hang in your home or give as a gift to a loved one. I am also an artist who enjoys taking old images and creating something new from them. If this is something you're interested in that is totally an option as well!

I look forward to creating with you!


Amber Griffin