What this is all about,Why chose me?

Genuine. A genuine experience is what I’m here to offer. The BEST images come from genuine experiences. I’m not stating that my images came from real life situations but every single one of them had an experience attached to it that required a bit more than just showing up in your Sundays best.

I encourage you to please reach out if for one you have gone through my work and think that I am a good fit for your photographic needs (I appreciate all of us out in the field and know like with any profession not every client is a perfect fit for every photographer) and second you are ready, willing and able to make an investment into art that will be worthy of the biggest wall in the biggest room of your home! Let’s get these images out of the digital realm and wow our friends and family in the flesh with real hanging artwork (obviously not required but I think I may be onto something here!)!

My shooting style is that of one who absolutely loves her craft. I find that most clients walk away with a wide selection of images. I don’t shoot to a style rather I style for the shoot. I feel the images out and give them the ingredients I feel they need to enhance them. I also create fine art as you could probably guess from the name :) it is a love and a world I love to get lost in.