Honey Bee (Brooks)

The One With The Golden Touch

One day I get a message from a kind character named Bee. She said she really liked my work and would love to collaborate one day. At the time I wasn’t reeeeally pushing myself out to the world as a photographer but knew it was my calling.

Our first collaboration was a fine art piece. Bee sent me an image from another photographer and I edited it with my own free expression. If you are following me on IG @fineartpho you will see her featured a bit of an angelic manner along side a boat. After that we collaborated on at least one other fine art piece and eventually landed in my first ever in studio portrait collaboration with one of my favorite humans David Kenyon. He shot the set and I edited the images. This time it was a “Bratz Doll’ themed photoshoot and so fun to be a part of!

I was starting to get my bearings now in the MN photography scene and Bee too had done a bit more modeling. I really wanted to try for a magazine feature so we came together just her and I for a sunflower and gold whimsical portrait session. We were denied the feature but these are hands down some of my most cherished shots and a turning point in my career!


People of the Sun.AmberGriffin.jpg